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Monthly Horoscopes Apr 1, Your Complete Horoscope for April See what's in store for the month ahead. Monthly Horoscopes Mar 5, Monthly Horoscopes Mar 1, Your Complete Horoscope for March See what's in store for the month ahead. Monthly Horoscopes Feb 1, Monthly Horoscopes Jan 16, By Katherine J Igoe.

Monthly Horoscopes Jan 7, Monthly Horoscopes Dec 1, Learn which Egyptian goddess rules your sign and what her powers are. Healing - Chuck Reynolds.

Pisces Horoscope - October Monthly Horoscopes 2019 In Hindi - Preview

A demonstration of individual and group healing. Intuition for Teenagers - Willow Niemela. Room B. Room C. Flutes provided.

Starscan Astrology | Astro Geography | Barack Obama

Room D. Room E. Room F. Peter Sheng. Room 5 p. Experience Reiki Healing! Accessing 5 th Dimensional Consciousness - Shari Lynn.

Bad Astronomy

Experience the spiritual energies of this potent service mantram. Noon Sun. Ask A Paranormal Investigator! With equipment and video footage analysis.

Past-Life Gifts - Joanne Franchina. Includes a group regression. Tarot - Joe Estes.

The Astrology Room

Spirit messages with drawings of loved ones. September Full Issue.

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Summer Full Issue. May Full Issue. All Stories. News Twitter admits it used info shared for security to target ads.

News California utility may cut power in 30 counties in a dramatic step to prevent wildfires. News Ridiculous baggage fees are keeping these budget airlines afloat. Recommender How to buy a couch in a box Ready to start adulting? News Oh, great!

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Creativity Watch out, AI is coming for your playlist next The London-based startup Auxuman plans to release a new AI-generated album a month, in a quest to see if robots can be creative geniuses. Bush is a denial of reality The comedian defended her decision to buddy up to Bush with a trite and inappropriate lesson about kindness. Video How to manage up when you have a bad boss It can get quite challenging to deal with a difficult boss.

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Whether the person you work for is a micromanager or incompetent, you still have to make the best of the situation and get your job done. Here are three tips to communicate clearly with your boss.